Centre for Rural Disabled Development (CRDD)

Mission And Vision


  • Distribution of necessary equipment among persons with disabilities (wheelchairs, crutches, white cane, hearing aids, prosthetic legs, and others).
  • Education scholarships for students with disabilities.
  • Computer training (freelancing, outsourcing, and others).
  • Food processing training, production, and marketing.
  • Sewing training.
  • Arrangements for employment
  • Organizing various types of awareness meetings and seminars.
  • Free medical campaign.
  • Organizing various cultural events.


  •  CRDD Village Hospital.
  • CRDD Vocational Institute.
  • CRDD Tourist Center.
  • CRDD Specialized School.
  • Combining all kinds of basic rights including education, medical care for the backward, disadvantaged, and marginalized people. Others.
  • CRDD Rehabilitation Center (Safe shelter for people with disabilities and guardians).
  • Services and specialized CRDD hospitals for only pregnant women.
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